Workout Showdown: HIIT and Circuit Training vs. Traditional Weight Training and Bodybuilding

The fitness world gives gym buffs countless options to choose from to achieve a great pump. But at PUSH Gym, we know that HIIT and circuit training reigns supreme, particularly when compared to traditional weight training and bodybuilding.
So, move over, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here are a few reasons to leave your grandfather’s workout in the dust:
  • HIIT training is a more efficient way to spend your valuable time. Traditional training may have you dedicating hours to the gym at a slower pace.
  • HIIT training often incorporates more cardio – say yes to the rower and treadmill! Generally, it’s also a more athletic workout, while traditional training has been shown to slow you down.
  • HIIT training not only incorporates more variety throughout its routines, but it also offers a more balanced workout for your body.
  • HIIT training resembles today’s “functional training” more often.
However, there’s a couple of catches. If you’re looking to bulk up, then traditional training may be the better option for you. HIIT isn’t the go-to for creating muscle bulk, though HIIT training can tone you up quite a bit.  It can be hard to keep track of your personal best days as well.