Strength Training

If you’ve scoured your social media feeds for fitness-related guidance lately, posts related to strength training are likely trending much higher than cardio-based workouts.
The term “strength training” may be new to some, but the practice and implementation is not. For example, most weight and resistance training is strength training. Cardio isn’t necessarily strength training, but a placed in a circuit or used in HIIT training can be part of it. They’re just a combination of cardio and strength.
Strength training on its own can come in several varieties: bodybuilding, toning, sculpting or general whole-body strength training. It all depends on how you might spend your time at the gym, working on different body parts with varying amounts of reps, sets, days, etc. These parameters will dictate your style of strength training.
To me, strength training is just your ability to move weight through space, depending on your core, muscle mass and overall leverage. The best part about it: It’s customizable to the individual and their needs.