During COVID-19 Restrictions We Are Only Doing Groups Of 5 (35-40 min classes)

8 Classes – $129 (30 Days)

10 Classes – $179 (Expires In 60 Days)

-Couples receive 10% off the total monthly price of any regular priced option they buy, please contact Marty for details.
Personal training prices will vary depending on the specific trainer and length of session. 
There are no long term contracts or cancellation fees for your autopay schedules.  
If you need to cancel a class, please give us 4 hours so that we can fill the spot (otherwise we have a $10  late cancel fee).  

When coming to the gym, remember your gym bag, water bottle (though we do have cups and cold water, remember also to hydrate before you workout), as well as a good pair of workout shoes. Please try and get to the gym a few minutes before class or before your one on one personal training session to get settled and begin a warm up.
We also supply sweat towels and basics if you need to shower afterwards. (most should, you will get sweaty here).


PUSH Small Group Classes:

At PUSH, our small group fitness classes are just that, small. We usually cap out at 12, unlike some of the other area fitness studios that pack people in to maximize profit at the expense of your workout.  Our small group training classes make you feel that you are in a personal training session.  We do reserve the right to cancel a class if less then 2 people are signed up.

PUSH – PULL HIIT – Our signature class that combines all in one, cardio, weights, dynamic movements all meant to challenge your system. During these classes we may utilize any of our wide array of functional training equipment and put it together to build the best ever changing workouts.   PULL HIIT classes do include a moderate amount of resistance training.

PUSH Cardio Blast – For those of you who are tired of just “running” for your cardio on the treadmill. We combine a variety of exercises to create  PUSH Cardio Blast. Running, jumping, spinning, rowing, slamming balls and battle ropes,  with a splash of core.  Our cardio class will include some resistance training, though it is not the main focus (cardio-blast).

PUSH Power 30-  A 30 minute class focused on power, speed and more dynamic lifting movements.  These classes are capped at 6 people and often have more difficult movements.


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