PUSH Gym is open with 28 small group HIIT/Circuit classes per week and personal training.  Please check our schedule for class times and prices.  You may contact Marty at marty@pushgym.com if you are interested in personal training or signing up for the small group HIIT classes.


Are you bored with your present program at your big box gym or corporate run “boutique gym”, come to PUSH for variety in your fitness routine.  At PUSH you have several options:  One on one with a personal trainer, or in one of our small group fitness classes, the personal trainers at PUSH GYM Denver design fitness programs for you and your fitness goals. Programs at PUSH GYM utilize Circuit and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to create an efficient and challenging workout. PUSH GYM is not like other big box health clubs that herd you around.  At PUSH GYM our fitness routines are energetic and ever changing to avoid the physical adaptation and boredom that happens at the big box health clubs and smaller corporate run HIIT gyms.   At Push Gym you will find a welcoming vibe in a cool space and kind people to work out with!

Training for an event? Or do you just want to get in shape? The PUSH team will help you meet your goals using cutting-edge fitness, physical therapy and nutritional support. We are highly trained, experienced and educated in the science of fitness and health. With no two workouts ever the same, you won’t get bored. Our team combines intentional body movements into circuit and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to craft workouts that efficiently make positive change in your body and mind. Here you won’t find outdated gym machines. Instead, our space is filled with the tools that support best practice in the science of exercise and fitness.

-Our personal training is just that, it’s personal and designed for you specifically.

-Our small group fitness programs are designed to work your whole body. Group sizes are limited so you get plenty of personal attention – making it feel like you are in a personal training session. 

Physical Therapy

AT PUSH GYM, our therapists Katie and Marty work with you and your injury. Whether you are coming back from surgery or just having aches and pains from everyday life, they work to get you back to full strength quickly and safely.    You do not need a doctor’s prescription in the state of Colorado to see a physical therapist.  Both Katie and Marty are skilled with manual therapy techniques as well as versed in personal training and progressive fitness routines, so they will move you from your injury back to activity.


Science. Sweat. Fun. That is PUSH GYM.

Marty Lavine opened PUSH GYM in the fall of 2004 with the idea of combining science, sweat and fun. The goal was to help people attain and maintain a fitness level that truly allows them to enjoy the amazing activities Colorado has to offer. Marty grew up in south Denver and still lives in the PUSH GYM neighborhood. He and the PUSH team have created a community where you’ll feel like a neighbor too.