Running Groups vs a Running Coach:

What is the difference? As the spring turns into summer, the streets and parks are teeming with runners after long work days. In Denver, you’ll find a handful of running clubs. People gather together to go for a run and socialize. Through the warmer seasons, organized runs and fundraisers set up routes and send you on your way. But neither of these types of groups actually help you run – they just dictate your route and miles.
How many runners do you know who are suffering from injuries, aches and pains? People complain of IT band issues, ankle and foot problems, knee and hip issues – it’s endless. As a physical therapist, I have covered so many running injuries over the years, and each one is like a snowflake – different from the others.  By consulting a professional, you can get to the root of the problem.
Running groups tell you how many miles to run, not how to run. They’re missing what’s important: how to complete that route, injury and pain-free. In order to do that, a trained therapist can focus on correcting stride, arm swing, calf tightness and more. If you’re involved in one of these groups or clubs – or are just running on your own and having trouble – reach out to a trained therapist who can work on your running pattern. This will let you run smoother, faster and more efficiently.