Nutrition at PUSH

At PUSH GYM we promote an all-around healthy lifestyle.  Though we primarily put a focus on fitness training, we want to emphasize that our eating habits are the next most important part of well-being.  There are other components, such as sleep patterns, mental health and others, but here at PUSH we like to highlight exercise and nutrition.  While we can teach exercise daily, we are only able to recommend good nutrition habits.  We know that many of you would like more help and guidance with eating habits, but you know how to ask.

At PUSH, we promote mindful eating habits, we don’t recommend any particular diet or cleanse.  If you are having any difficulty finding the right formula for mindful eating habits we offer three choices to assist you:

  1. Talk with any of the trainers at PUSH if you have any quick questions.
  2. Set up a specific time with Katie Prendergast (, she is a certified nutritionist who can take time and help set up some nutritional specifics.
  3. If you are looking for some more in-depth specific help, you can contact Vicki Robichaux. She is a registered dietician and integrative nutritionist.  Please visit her website at to see more information about her and her programs.

The PUSH team is here to help and support you with your exercise and nutritional habits!