Our Staff

Marty Owner

Marty Lavine: Owner

To Marty, it’s all about the science of strength. Marty’s expertise with the human body and patient style sets him apart in the industry. Marty has a MS in physical therapy and is a long time member of the Colorado American Physical Therapy Association, and has been practicing physical therapy since 1994. Marty provides the absolute best one on one attention, and total commitment to each and every individual that walks through the door. No matter what injury you’re rehabbing, or what sport you’re trying to get back to, Marty will make sure you’re on the fastest and most thorough road to recovery.



Christopher Flower

He may be known as “Flower” in the gym, but don’t let that fool you. Flower blends multiple workouts including HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), boxing, weights and more to whip you into the best shape of your life.  Christopher runs the Kickboxing Classes at PUSH, and spends much of his day working with personal training clients.  You may often find him having his clients “hit the mitts”, and at times taking a few body blows himself.


Kara McKenna Push Gym Trainer

Kara McKenna

As a busy mother of two, Kara understands life can be hectic. But that’s not an excuse for skipping a workout. Challenge Kara and find out just how hard core this mom can be.  Kara has trained at PUSH since we first opened in 2004, and has been ahead of the game practicing HIIT principles long before  it was the norm or any type of crossfit terminology was used.


Julie Uhlen Push Gym

Julie Uhlen

Having been down the weight-loss road myself, I understand intimately the challenges and difficulties faced in achieving fitness goals.
As a mother, fitness fanatic and former schoolteacher in Australia, I decided in 2014 that I should explore fitness as a new profession. It has been an eye-opening, hugely rewarding experience! I’m now an ACE certified personal trainer and also hold certifications for ViPR and Kickboxing. I’m a total endorphins junkie.  My philosophy is fitness should be fun. I’m a true people-person and really am excited to be able to share my love of exercise and fitness with others, as well as help them reach their fitness goals. You’ll leave my workouts exhausted but with a smile!


 Denver Push Gym Staff

Katie Prendergast

“I believe that fitness should enhance your life outside of the gym. Blending strength training, metabolic conditioning, and healthy nutritional advice, I will get you strong enough to tackle any adventure life throws your way!”Katie is a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in corrective exercise, and Precision Nutrition Level-1 certified. Her training programs focus on building all-around strength, improving body composition, enhancing performance, and preventing injury.An avid athlete and sports fan, Katie snowboards, rock climbs, and competes in Crossfit. She’s also a craft beer connoisseur.


Push Gym Trainers

Kielli Jordan

Kielli is all about fitness and ways to improve a healthy lifestyle.  She likes to challenge people to see what they are capable of.  Kielli loves to incorporate using her body into cardio intensive training.  Kielli played soccer in college and applies some of those fitness training methods into her group training.  Kielli loves the outdoors and is always eager to take on new adventures.


Jodilyn Stuart

With Jodilyn, everyone is specialized and everyone works hard. Jodilyn has been a fitness professional since 1997, specializing in yoga and Pilates. Jodilyn works with clients to develop a specialized plan for you, which is sure to include Tabata, HIIT, kettlebells, TRX suspension training and many of other tools that PUSH has to offer for training.