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PUSH GYM is a locally owned health and wellness facility. At PUSH our job is to help you with your health and fitness lifestyle. We will put you through whole-body workouts that leave you fatigued, stronger and physically more efficient. We can also guide you on healthy, mindful eating habits and other wellness-related issues. Our fitness programs utilize Circuit and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principles. Whether in a one-on-one personal training session or in one of our small group sessions you will be pushed physically to improve your personal fitness level and overall health and wellness. At PUSH we have a variety of small group fitness classes throughout the week, or you can set up a time that fits your schedule better in a one-on-one personal training session.  We also offer Physical Therapy to help you come back from injury, stress or strain.

HIIT Small Group Fitness Classes at PUSH GYM

Our small group fitness classes are designed around Circuit and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principles.  In every class, you will get individual guidance from a certified personal trainer or physical therapist and have the support of a small group.  We’re not like other corporate run HIIT gyms, so we don’t have to follow corporate guidelines from someone in another state; we know building full body strength means going beyond the routine, so we push our trainers to keep innovating no two classes are ever the same. Every class is fast paced, high energy and efficiently built for resistance and cardiovascular challenges.  Our Circuit classes are offered at convenient times throughout the day.  Your first class at PUSH Gym is free, contact us to sign up.

Personal Training at PUSH GYM

All of the trainers at PUSH work independently as personal trainers, and if small group fitness classes aren’t for you, then look into personal training for helping with your fitness needs.  Each trainer will tailor your program to meet your wants, needs, health and fitness goals.  Reach out to us via phone or email for a free 30-minute consultation.  303-903-8174 or info@pushgym.com.

Physical Therapy at PUSH GYM

Recovering from injury means rebuilding strength in your whole body. A visit to the gym can do more for your health than a visit to the doctor’s office. Our therapists are medical professionals who will help you bounce back.   See more about physical therapy here

Nutrition — The building blocks of health

At PUSH we support more than just your workout, we support a healthy lifestyle with healthy food.  Mindful, healthy eating doesn’t mean “going on a diet” —we don’t sell any meal plans or supplements. Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain health, we’re happy to have a conversation about your mindful healthy eating habits.

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At PUSH GYM we work with our clients to push toward their individual fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle. We know health is about exercise and mindful eating habits, so we avoid the sensationalized information churned out by grocery store magazines and crazy “health” websites that are littered on Instagram and Facebook. We bring a real-life approach to health and wellness with small group classes, personal training and physical therapy.  We’ve been at it on Broadway since 2004. Stop by PUSH GYM or call to chat with our owner, Marty (303-903-8174). 

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