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Every workout is energizing, effective, and more importantly, different. The variety is endless and the sense of community results in a loyal following. The trainers react immediately to injuries and modification needs without singling anyone out. I moved away from the area and tried another gym but returned. WELL WORTH a 20 minute drive!

Kathy Mundt Avatar Kathy Mundt

I have had nothing but great experiences at this gym. Julie and Marty are both personable and want you to have fun while creating workouts that kick your butt. It's no secret how they just passed their 15 year anniversary.

Anthony Ferriello Avatar Anthony Ferriello

GREAT GYM, and awesome community! Never the same workout twice, quality instruction, creative workouts, and super effective. I recently moved away from Denver, but make a point of squeezing in a Push workout anytime I’m back.

Erin Ganser Avatar Erin Ganser

Awesome gym with committed, passionate, and knowledgeable staff. Both trainers and members alike contribute to a really welcoming and supportive sense of community. I'm really impressed with this gym and would absolutely encourage people of all fitness levels to try it out. Also, Marty is the GOAT.

Devin Clark Avatar Devin Clark

Great place to train with very approachable trainers. Classes are structured for all ability levels with a primary focus on proper technique and full body movements. I highly recommend anyone looking for a gym to check out Push.

Joe  Dyer Avatar Joe Dyer

I have been working with Marty for almost a year. I have lower back problems so Marty has acted as both a physical therapist and personal trainer. Fantastic job!

Jim Hickam Avatar Jim Hickam

Started going here over a year ago for physical therapy on an injured knee and have continued on with personal training with Marty. It's been an overwhelmingly positive experience with personalized, functional strength training that's genuinely improved my overall quality of life. Could not recommend this place more!

Benjamin Krohn Avatar Benjamin Krohn

Love Julie Uhlen and her classes. You will come out sweating like a pig. She is diligent in making sure your form is correct, yet she makes the classes fun. The time flies by.

Linda Jibson Avatar Linda Jibson

Somehow my review from 2015 got moved to a different gym. Anyhow I just dropped in (visiting from out of town), Marty and the team are still doing it right. 2015 review posted below: I spent my last month in Denver at Push working with Marty, Heidi, and Erich. It's a great place, good people, and an amazing program. I wish I had found this place sooner. I have tried a variety of workouts, from personal trainers at the gyms, Orangetheory, Crossfit, and Push. Push by far would be the one I would want to stick to long term. Props to these guys and keep doing what you are doing.

Charles Lee Avatar Charles Lee

Good atmosphere and lots of equipments for large varieties of exercise.

Jing Bao Avatar Jing Bao