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This place is great, the trainers are all about your form and mixing it up

Brent Keller Avatar Brent Keller

Martin and the crew are the best! Wonderful facility as well.

Dan Byers Avatar Dan Byers

I have been working with Marty for almost a year. I have lower back problems so Marty has acted as both a physical therapist and personal trainer. Fantastic job!

Jim Hickam Avatar Jim Hickam

Great classes with great instructors and the personal trainers are terrific. I had hip replacement surgery in May and after my PT was finished, I wanted to get in better shape for ski season. I started working with Kara McKenna in November, and by January felt ready to go skiing. I have been skiing multiple times since then, and I am still working with Kara to get stronger. She knows what exercises will help me, and she mixes up my sessions each week.

Jane Feldman Avatar Jane Feldman

Great place to train with very approachable trainers. Classes are structured for all ability levels with a primary focus on proper technique and full body movements. I highly recommend anyone looking for a gym to check out Push.

Joe  Dyer Avatar Joe Dyer

I am so grateful that moving and fitness is an integral part of my life. If you are looking for somewhere to get started on your fitness journey, consider giving PUSH a go. Their concern for clients to feel comfortable is always respected and conversations or questions concerning safety and protocol is always encouraged. PUSH is my church, therapy and community. Wonderful comradery with folks from all walks of life that share the commonality of fitness!

Charlene Branch Avatar Charlene Branch

Push is great! For a long time I struggled to establish a consistent workout routine, but 10 months ago I started going to Push, and enjoyed their classes which are really diverse and never the same from one to the next. Marty, Forrest, Gina, and Kara do a great job mixing I'm it up, so you're always working on different muscle groups, cardio, agility, etc. Quickly got into a groove of 2-3 classes a week, and haven't looked back! I feel so much physically and mentally stronger than I did before, and definitely recommend checking them out

Ryan Flanders Avatar Ryan Flanders

Push is the very best! I auditioned about a dozen gyms in Denver upon moving here, and found my home at Push. The trainers are incredibly kind, genuine and motivating. I have had the best results of my life working out at Push for just a few months. Most importantly, I’ve been welcomed in to a community of awesome people that work out at Push and have made awesome friends. Cannot recommend enough! Come work out with us!

Andrea Cuddy Avatar Andrea Cuddy

Such a great gym! The workouts are always great, and the coaches are attentive and super friendly. Can’t wait to come back.

Joanna Avatar Joanna

Favorite gym in Denver! Trainers are all very personable. Classes are different every day and are such a great workout! Highly recommend!

Kelsey Kohut Avatar Kelsey Kohut