Physical Therapy


A different way to practice physical therapy

To recover from your injury, head to the gym. Injuries can slow you down, but they don’t have to be debilitating. Marty and Katie do more than just specialize in rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries, they understand how to train your body so that you return to an injury free, active lifestyle.

Your treatment is in the gym. It is nothing like a visit to a doctor’s office. Our facility is uniquely equipped to incorporate everything from specific manual therapy techniques to sport and activity-specific, progressive exercise rehabilitation. You’ll re-build your body and your mind, and it will be possible to safely transition into one of our fitness classes.

Your treatment is personal. Marty and Katie have helped hundreds of people come back from injuries and resume a normal active lifestyle. They don’t use aides or assistants, instead you work one-on-one with expert physical therapists. They evaluate you as a whole person and custom design your rehab program to include treatments specific to your injury, no matter how complex, and set you your personal goals. Both trained at CU Medical School, our therapists continue to build their healing skills through ongoing, intensive study of the most current techniques. Both Katie and Marty are certified in Graston Technique and Marty is certified with SFMA.  You will get results from their combined 45 years of healing experience.

Your treatment is easy to schedule. You don’t need a physician referral and we accept most kinds of insurance. To set up an appointment contact:

Marty at 303-903-8174 or
Katie at 720-244-1690 or

Here are some frequently asked questions about physical therapy:

How can a Physical Therapist help me? Physical Therapist help you bring your body back to full function, strength, flexibility without expensive surgery or long-term use of medications. A PT studies your body’s movement patterns to help you recover full motion, manage pain and return to your active lifestyle. If you are recovering from surgery, we work closely with your physician and establish the best post-operative treatment plans that are evidence based and geared toward a speedy recovery.

What insurance is accepted at PUSH?
We accept most major private health insurance plans. You can contact your agent and check your co-pays and deductibles. We also manage workers comp cases and auto accidents. We do accept cash pay, and in the state of Colorado you don’t need a doctor’s referral to come to a physical therapist.  Cash Price for an initial exam is $110.00, plan for 45 minutes for the 1st visit.  Subsequent 45-minute visits are $85.00, while a 30-minute therapy session is $65.00.

What is Manual Therapy?
Manual therapy encompasses many hands-on techniques that are used to promote normal mobility and assist in the body’s healing process. Our therapist assess and treat joint dysfunctions, myofascial restrictions, and range of motion limitations using a wide range of hands-on techniques including Graston Mysofascial release.  Our belief is that mechanical pain is often a result of abnormal stress and strain on the body which may not necessarily correlate with the painful site.  Our bodies are a connected unit and at the physical therapist at PUSH work to make sure you are treated as a whole.