Spotlight on Lindsey Ockers

Lindsey Ockers – a PUSH Gym devotee for 11 years – swings by the gym almost every day. Her reasoning: “I get my a$$ kicked and I love it!”

Initially, she started out as a personal client of Killer Kara, whose daughter (Ockers’ former student) convinced her to try PUSH for the first time.

“I’ll never forget,” Ockers said. “She came up to me and said, ‘Ms. Lindsey, do you work out at a gym?'”

She’s been a fixture at PUSH ever since. Ockers eventually switched to a class membership when she “saw how cool and diverse the classes and trainers were.”

She keeps coming back because of PUSH’s class variety – “I’ve NEVER done the same workout twice!” – and its community, describing the trainers as “the best around.” And when Ockers works out alongside her classmates, “it’s like a big family.”

She credits PUSH for helping her successfully birth three children and recover postpartum, as she continued working out up until their deliveries. “With two of them, I pushed the sled the day before and the day of going into labor,” Ockers said.

Because she consistently worked out her glutes, hamstrings and abs, “I didn’t have any complications during laboring and had fairly easy deliveries.” After giving birth, she bounced back quickly, walking right away and jumping into workouts once enough healing time had passed.

Ockers also thanks PUSH for offering the weekly training that keeps her playing volleyball and running weekly, on top of skiing seasonally.

“As I get older, I also believe this has helped with preventing injuries and quicker muscle soreness recovery,” she said.