Push Gym – 18 Years In The Making

PUSH Gym has been open since Sept 1st 2004 and our first 7 years were mostly devoted to working on one on one personal training.  In 2010 and 2011 the financial crisis hit and people from all walks of life lost jobs and income. The personal training/fitness industry had to quickly adapt, and what emerged were more small group fitness classes. These small group workouts were more affordable than personal training yet had similar benefits.
Group fitness classes have been around for a long time though old-school Jazzercise is a far cry from today’s HIIT classes, especially at PUSH where we do far more dynamic movements with a variety of weights.  We have been offering small group HIIT classes at PUSH for 10 years and we are REALLY good at it.
There are several other gyms – large and small – that have popped up over the years trying to recreate what we have been doing for so long. However, trying to franchise and homogenize HIIT workouts has created a boring, simpler version of what we do. Corporate-run small gyms attempt to emulate small boutique gyms like PUSH. They hire good people, but they are not necessarily vested in the gym itself. They implement formula HIIT classes that follow a rigid overarching template and the instructors simply deliver it without being able to contribute their own ideas. At PUSH our trainers create their own new workouts daily, giving it their own flare and feel. It takes considerable skill and passion to design a fresh, fun workout every time.
Kara and Marty have been designing and running classes at PUSH for over 10 years now, Julie has been here for 5 years. Talk about forming community and relationships without having to say you do. Stop by PUSH, give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.