Key Considerations for Lifelong Fitness

At PUSH Gym, we have clients of all ages — from their early twenties to their late seventies — working with personal trainers or taking our small group HIIT classes. They all share one goal: they’re working to improve their health and wellness.

Each person’s objectives differ as age dictates specific components of fitness, but there are several common targets:

1. Improved cardio-vascular fitness
2. Improved muscle function
3. Controlling weight
4. Loading our joint and bony complexes to make us more resilient to daily challenges

As we age, we must continue to load our muscles, joints, and bones to keep us strong and fight gravity. Natural aging leads to weaker bones and ligaments and diminished cardiovascular fitness.

By exercising regularly, you can slow these changes and help yourself handle life’s physical stressors to live a longer, healthier life. Our younger clients may maintain different short-term goals, but all of the targets above are ageless.