Push Gym – Small Group Training

Over the past two years, we have written two blogs about why to come to PUSH Gym for your personal and small group training. These blogs were focused on keeping your money local, getting better attention from more qualified trainers and building an organic community that comes together on its own.

This time around, I’m telling you about the other reasons why to support PUSH or other small local businesses (especially gyms) in Denver and beyond. As the pandemic winds down, several of our local gyms have closed due to inconsistency in business, leaving only PUSH and a few others.

In my recent travels around the U.S., I’ve noticed that stores, shops and gyms seem so homogenized, with similar construction and signs. It is almost hard to tell what city you might be in. Many of you may have noticed the same thing – chains have taken over. There seems to be no “character” in so many of these establishments.

But PUSH and other local businesses do have “character.” At PUSH, for example, we design our own space, and order our own products, each trainer designs their own workout routines, so there is an individuality to each set and every day is different.

This is so important, so we all don’t live in such a homogenized world. Please continue to visit PUSH and other small businesses, especially during the holidays when it’s crucial to shop and spend locally.