The Keys to Success: Eating Healthy, Working Out and More

When you imagine living a healthy lifestyle, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? Eating well. Working out. However, the two need to be done in tandem to really make an impact.

“Contrary to popular belief, you can’t outrun the toll of a poor diet – and healthy eating, on its own, won’t ward off disease,” according to The New York Times.

At PUSH Gym, we encourage you to embrace both. Attend one of our workout classes, bike to work, or take a long walk. Most forms of movement are gonna be positive for your healthy lifestyle. Be conscious of your diet: Eat your fruits, veggies, fish, or other forms of proteins with the appropriate percentages of essential amino acids. Cook more at-home meals. Beyond that, listen to your body. Stretch more often. Stay hydrated. Limit your screen time. And remember that life is about balance, so imbibe in a chocolate or two.