Back-To-School Workout Routines Are For Cool Kids

Back-to-school routines are for the cool kids – and that includes our PUSH Gym family!

With the dog days of summer behind us, students are flocking back to their classrooms in the Denver area. Whether you’re a parent or pupil acclimating to a new fall schedule, don’t forget to keep your weekly workouts in mind.

With school, extracurriculars, work and meal prep taking up lines on your to-do list, time at the gym can often fall by the wayside. However, by keeping sweat sessions a top priority in your planner, you can make the transition that much easier.

Outside of our walls, you’ll feel the benefits from regularly-scheduled physical activity. It improves your sleep, stress levels, metabolism, flexibility and more, giving you a necessary boost to tackle this first semester.

If you aren’t a member of PUSH, now is the time to join. Contact us at for back-to-school specials on our HIIT classes.