Private vs Group Fitness

So, you’ve committed to improving your fitness, and you want to incorporate fitness classes into an already active Colorado lifestyle. Which class do you think is best for you: group or private instruction?

Group classes are a popular option. You’re sweating in a group and the focus of the instructor won’t be on you for the full hour. However, that might be exactly why you decide to work with a private fitness instructor. Not only will that instructor work with you exclusively, he or she can tailor their class to meet your specific needs. Plus, the privacy of a personal trainer might appeal to your more modest side.

The trade-off for that modesty and attention is that private training costs more. Plus, while large gyms usually offer free group classes, private instruction adds more to your monthly bill. At a classes-only gym like Push Fitness, the pricing structure – group v private – is the same, but you’re only paying for what you use.

That doesn’t address which is best for you, though, so let’s examine the benefits of each:

Why Group Fitness Works
There’s more energy: The room is usually alive because of the number of people taking the class and you have a perky instructor constantly motivating.
It’s a more social experience: Camaraderie develops among the students, especially when you have that we’re-in-this-together mentality as you sweat your butt off.
It’s predictable: Group instructors need to choreograph the workout to keep the flow. This can be a good thing for you so can prepare for the workout.
It’s more affordable.

Why Personal Training
It’s customizable: A trainer working one-on-one can more easily adapt his or her routine to the fitness needs of the student.
It’s more comfortable for the student: Some routines might be difficult and nobody wants to be the person in a group setting holding up the class because they can’t execute something. Plus, your fitness trainer can work on that portion of the routine with you at a more comfortable pace.
It develops rapport with the trainer. Group instructors can have a dozen people to work out, but many times they’ll only remember one or two people in the class, for one reason or another. With one-on-one training, the trainer doesn’t have to try to remember you at future sessions.

There is also small-group fitness, which can be a fun hybrid of group and private. Just make sure your fitness center offers what works for your fitness needs the best.

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