Be Timeless, Not Trendy

Be Timeless, Not Trendy

Are you a trendy person? This isn’t meant as an insult, because the word might imply fashion victim or some basic degree of gullibility. Owning a certain pair of athletic shoes or drinking a $5 bottle of electrolyte-infused water doesn’t make you a bad person, as those specific trends are harmless. And, at the end of the day, those shoes will never look as hot as they did that first week you owned them, nor will you be super-hydrated for hours on end.

The gullibility that we worry about at Push Gym is when our clients begin ascribing certain trends to their fitness routine or, worse, their fitness trainer. Don’t get me wrong: science and research are our friends in the fitness world, and whenever we learn something that will make us more fit and happy, we’re all for it. It’s the hype with a shelf life that we try to avoid.

Trends Not Worth Following

We see a lot of trends in fitness that tend to be more hokey than holisitic. And we are asked about them all the time. Have you heard about run streaks? Dancer’s body exercises?
And, of course, don’t forget about Instagram-celebrity routines. Inherently, there is nothing wrong with running as exercise, but are you really going to run every day for a year, or even a month? I would assume the concept of “some is good, more is better” applies to the dancer’s body program, which endorses dozens of reps with tiny weights. And, for all the Insta-trainers that show you what their routine did for their bod, they literally can’t show you their whole program. Because it’s Instagram, not a gym. Of course, they may open a facility in Manhattan Beach that you can join. If you live in SoCal.

Real trends need to be vetted by you and your fitness trainer together. The best fitness trainers in the world still don’t know all the inside scoop, and we’ll never be averse to learn while we teach. The reason why we’re Denver’s top fitness trainers is that we work with our clients individually to assess their needs, and put them into programs that will help them achieve their fitness goals.

Trends, by definition, require a large following. Just because underwater spin classes might attract a few people for a few months doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. Talk to your personal fitness trainer. Fitness is timeless, not trendy.