Feeling Your Best Self Over the Holidays

With Halloweekend around the corner, the holiday season is upon us – an annual gift that can simultaneously challenge established workout routines and eating habits. With family dinners, trips and parties lined up in quick succession until 2023, it’s easy to get caught up in weeks of eating, drinking and being merry.
The team at PUSH Gym has a few tips and tricks to feeling your best self over the holidays.
  1. It’s okay to cheat a little – it’s all about moderation. It’s commendable to use your will power in not eating poorly, but don’t be hard on yourself for indulging. Temptation is tough to fight, and, in our society, it’s a difficult battle to win.
  2. Get back to your regular eating habits the next day. A quick return to routine will make the process easier on you.
  3. Don’t punish yourself after a cheat day. This negatively impacts your mental health. While it’s okay to run off some extra steam the next day, keep the negative thoughts at bay.
  4. Don’t skip your daily meals. Fasting before a big feast will only boost your appetite and could result in overeating.
  5. When you’re surveying your options at the spread, make sure to dollop portions of vegetables and fruit on your plate. Sample the salad bowl, and don’t forget your proteins!
  6. If you’re going to imbibe in alcohol, avoid sugary drinks. It’ll help keep the next day’s hangover (and unnecessary calories) under control. Whiskey straight up, anyone?
  7. Most importantly, remember the overarching theme of the holidays: spending time with loved ones. Don’t let anxieties around weight gain or routine disruptions keep you from enjoying family, friends and yourself.