Coming Back To The Gym

Well PUSH Family, we survived the pandemic as well as the considerable challenges that came with it such as closing the gym, working in super small groups, and having to work out with masks on for almost a whole year.  We knew that this would not be the new norm, but it did seem to drag on for a long time.  PUSH is so happy to be open and thankful that we have such a fantastic community of people passionate about keeping PUSH open and working on their well-being.  Moving forward, we expect to be back at full capacity soon which means we need to boost our membership with new clients. We also expect to have some old returning clients come back as people return to their offices for work and normal routines.  As our small group fitness classes increase in size, we hope that everyone is comfortable being around more people again. This may take some of you longer than others.

During Covid and the restrictions placed on us, the personal trainers at PUSH became quite creative at designing HIIT workouts with distancing in mind and trying not to waste time wiping everything down when we had to share equipment.  Moving forward we will continue to be even better at planning workouts, whether in a small group HIIT class or in a one-on-one personal training setting.  Happily, as a locally owned Denver gym, we are not bound by the typical constraints of corporate gym guidelines which means we can keep the creative juices flowing making up new small group fitness HIIT routines, and personal training programs while still making everyone strong and healthy.

As we move back into a normal functioning society, we need to determine how to survive with competition from other gyms, personal training, HIIT and big-box now that everyone has a full deck to play with again. We really feel that our creative, energetic, and challenging small group HIIT classes and personal training sell themselves, however, getting new people in the door on a small budget can be difficult. We have incredible community spirit at PUSH and so we ask that our active clients (new and old) can help by spreading the word about us.  We would love if it came up in your conversations for you to share your experience with others regarding PUSH, our programs, and trainers.

At PUSH, we are the physical portion of your wellness lifestyle.  We are happy to help with other aspects of your well-being, including nutritional habits, planning for a big event such as a marathon, a cycling event, or skiing. Just let us know and how we can assist you to live your healthiest life.