Coach Bill Ludington Talks Triathlons, Weight Training and More

Coach Bill Ludington Talks Triathlons, Weight Training and More
By Megan Ulu-Lani Boyanton
56-year-old Bill Ludington’s interest in triathlons first started as a personal journey. The Golden resident began participating in the endurance race, which consists of swimming, cycling and running. After training gym buffs, he embraced the professional opportunity to coach others for triathlons.
Right now, he uses software to coach five athletes in Canada and around 20 in the U.S. His triathletes undergo training for about nine months before their races, which can span different distances. Not only do they need to swim, bike and run, but also add weight training to their regimens.
“I just keep trying to tell people how important it is if they’re working with me,” Ludington said. His triathletes often prefer to use their time running or biking, so, “if they’re gonna give something up, they always want to give up the weight training.”
But, by practicing the same weight exercises, trainees can stay strong without getting sore, he argues. Ludington pointed to one example: a 63-year-old he coaches, who lifted weights consistently and ended up qualifying for the Boston Triathlon on his first try.
“Consistency is key,” he added.
Other factors to keep in mind include diet and hydration. Ludington encourages a mindset of fueling the body today to benefit tomorrow. He also uses sweat testing, which measures the amount of sodium excreted after a run.
For those curious about competing in triathlons, “anyone can do it,” Ludington said. “It just really comes down to the commitment you have to make.”