Love Your Skin Again

Just because our life is on hold doesn’t mean our skin needs to suffer

Here are a few tips to keep up with your progress until civilization resumes:

+ Stay hydrated! Water is the best and easiest way to hydrate our body and our skin
+ Go SPF Yourself With a high-quality sunscreen – and wear a hat while outdoors
+ Keep inflammation at bay Turmeric supplements and green tea are excellent options
+ Be sure to get enough fats in your diet Avocado oil, olive oil and fish supplements are crucial to maintaining youthful, glowing skin
+ Got honey? Make a DIY masque at home – honey by itself is a wonderfully hydrating, anti-microbial skin treatment. Or mix it with a variety of ingredients you probably have at home: a couple drops of lavender oil, a tablespoon of milk or yogurt, or 2 tablespoons of cooked oatmeal
+ Rest up Now is the perfect time to make up for past sleep deficits; if possible, rack up some cat naps during the day to feed your immune system
We hope to see you very soonUntil then, stay healthy and beautiful

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