Holiday Eating

Holiday Eating

It’s that time of year again! Holiday events dominate the social calendar, and gluttony becomes acceptable for a month or two. With desserts, drinks and bountiful food in high supply, it is hard to stay on top of your ​routine​. So how can you manage stay in good health through the holidays? With all the food options and limited time to exercise, you need to make the effort to make good choices.

First, it is important to remember that the holiday season is relatively short and you can easily ​get ​back on track. Second, remember that indulging one or two nights a week during these next few weeks will not wreck your health – it’s just a disruption in your routine – as long it stays to once or twice a week. That being said, it is important to get right back on track with both eating and exercise if you have strayed: it is not a full month of gluttony, just a couple of nights’ worth.

Here are some ideas to help PUSH you through the season:

  1. Accept that the food that you will be eating may not be the healthiest.
  2. Don’t punish yourself the next day for eating poorly as long as you can get back to your normal eating and exercise routine. The next day eat well and resume your normal exercise routine.
  3. Know that it is okay to miss a workout or two. You can still get back on track!
  4. Do the best you can to mix in some healthy options at a party. There are usually fruits, veggies and water available. You still need essential nutrients.


The holidays are a crazy time for many. Through the end of the year work, family activities, and parties, just remember to do your best to eat reasonably and get some exercise during December.

Happy Holidays from the crew at PUSH