Holiday Eating

As we head into December, it is time for our annual mindful holiday eating memo.

Each year, it is important to remember that it is okay to indulge at your company, family or friend’s holiday parties.  That said, it is not okay to forget your healthy and mindful eating and exercise habits when you wake up the next day.  One or two poor meals during the week does not mean that you will put on extra, unwanted pounds and it does not mean that you will fall off your normal routine. When you do indulge at the parties that will inevitably dot your social calendar, remember you will always feel better if you resume those healthy habits. This may mean some intermittent fasting, KETO diets or vegan eating habits. Top that off with a trip to the gym or a day on the slopes to get your normal fitness method done for the day, and your body won’t suffer from a one or two hit “bad” meals.  The stress of punishing yourself for having a “bad” day is not worth it, and you can always fall back into your normal routine. Adding a workout, over-working out or going ultra-healthy for one day does not make up for a missed workout or indulgent meal. What matters is knowing what is best for you and keeping it consistent. If you stay mindful, you won’t damage your fitness levels or permanently change your eating habits.

Happy Holidays to all.

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