Choose the best – choose PUSH

The fitness industry gives workout enthusiasts so many options to choose from: Orangetheory Fitness, CorePower Yoga, SoulCycle and more. So, why choose PUSH Gym?
PUSH clients get more bang for their buck when they sign up for memberships. As a locally-owned and operated gym, our team of coaches uses customized workout plans that we personally design, instead of following directions handed down from a corporate office. We offer variety in our classes, switching up the routines every day.
PUSH also serves as more than a gym – it’s a community. You’ll see our faces at local parades and 5Ks. We’ll gather after class for happy hour. Your coaches know more than your name – they know your family, your job and more. We’re aware of your injury history, and can modify workouts to suit your needs. We know when to push you and when to ease back because we’re in the business of your health and wellness – not just physically.