Are your New Year’s Resolutions failing already?

New Years resolutions, many times, seem like a Facebook post that will be completely forgotten by February 1st. These goals can be anything from cutting out sugar, reading more, exercising more, or even being nice to your siblings. Why is it hard for people to make, what seem like simple changes, for one month? I am not sure if there is one specific answer, this is a multifaceted issue. I think part of the issue is that most of our goal setting is actually such a drastic change to our normal routine, that it makes it so hard to maintain.  In our society, drastic changes can be difficult, we have many things chipping away at us in our daily lives, amid all of the distractions. And yes, it can be easy to not eat sugar for a day or two, or hit the gym a few times. However, setting a long-term new routine can be quite the challenge.

Over the years at PUSH I have found that consistency with lifestyle seems to be the best answer for most.  I always get the question around New Year’s about how busy will you be at the gym, and my response is a bit of a bump. However, our clients are quite consistent over time so we don’t necessarily see a huge increase in business near the new year. People who are sporadic at the gym and with their eating habits don’t seem to make significant changes in their health, this includes weight management, cardiovascular fitness, strength gains, etc. This makes these goals unattainable and prone to failure, thus back to old habits.  The more consistent clients seem to have more attainable goals.  This doesn’t mean that we have the ultimate answer for health and fitness, however we feel that our atmosphere for health and wellness is contagious and creates this consistency in habits.

Being in the fitness industry, we are often the 1st goal of many: “I’m going to get back in shape” and “I am going to eat better”.  By February this is over and people are back into their old habits.  This is where PUSH comes to help, we promote consistency in health and wellness.  We promote small attainable goals.  Come to the gym all year around, eat better all year around.  Make smaller, attainable goals (resolutions).  Contact us at PUSH Gym for help today.