PUSH is a locally owned health and wellness facility. At PUSH our job is to help you with your health and fitness lifestyle. We will put you through whole body workouts that leave all your whole body fatigued, stronger and more energy efficient. We can also guide you on healthy eating habits and other health related issues. Our fitness programs generally utilize High Intensity Interval Training principles. Whether in a one on one personal training session or in one of our small group sessions (which feel like a one on one session). You will be pushed physically to improve your personal fitness level and overall health and wellness. At PUSH we have a variety of small group fitness classes throughout the week (25) or you can set up a time that fits your schedule better in a one on one personal training session.

AT PUSH GYM we like to promote a healthy lifestyle with exercise and good eating habits. At PUSH we love exercise and fitness and we practice what we preach, all of the trainers at PUSH are physically active in a variety of exercise mediums from boxing to skiing to running to weight training. At PUSH, we also promote healthy eating habits and we hate the word “Diet”, as we believe that long term changes in your daily eating habits is better for you in the long run for general health and wellbeing. Like our fitness regimens, our eating habits become regular and part of your overall healthy lifestyle.

At PUSH GYM we offer one on one personal training, please call (303-903-8174) or email (info@pushgym.com) to get set up with a personal trainer. They will create a program to meet your individual fitness, health and wellness goals.

At PUSH GYM, you also have the option to join our small group fitness program. For a fair price, you can sign up to take a variety of our exercise classes. These small groups make you feel like you are in a personal training session.

At PUSH GYM we utilize our amazing space with a variety of fitness equipment including smash balls, kettlebells, battle ropes, dumbbells and a host of other functional training equipment.